Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Awaited Update

Hey everyone I know it’s been a while, but everything has been going so well that there has not been much to tell. And we are so excited about that.

So some random things first to catch you up:

Haleigh is completely potty trained she did so really quick once she got the idea, so diapers are out of the house. Haleigh is also very independent so much that its sometimes dangerous, she wants to cross the street by herself among other things that its just not safe for her to do. It's challenging but great at the same time.

Hair Cut!

We had Haleigh genetic appointment this week. He is an awesome doctor and we love him so it was bitter sweet when he said Haleigh didn't need to come back to see him any more. He did reassure us that we could call anytime if we had any questions and as always if we need any help we could call him.

The reason I love him is because he is so positive and up lifting. He assured us again that if we were to have more kids we would not be at any higher risk than anyone else for having another baby with nevus. By the way the chances in case you forgot are 1%.We are not planning more children but God's plans are not always our plans so its great to know that.  So we have been discharged from GI and genetic clinics.

The other Dr we are suppose to see is a hard one. Haleigh is suppose to see a dermatologist once a year at the very least. We have one in Birmingham, but we didn't like her at all so we have not been back to her. I have called a couple in town and I left a message with one of town. However, when I ask if they see children with large nevus they either don't know or say they would need to see us before they can talk to us about that. They are off my short list. I really don't know what to do about it. Our plastic surgeon sends everything to a lab so we don't need that just an exam. We are still in limbo I guess on that one.

Fall Ball 2011 - Madalyn

We have been working close with Atlanta. We don't have a 2nd surgery date yet. We were hoping to have had surgery already but we are having major scheduling problems. I hope they are figured out soon and as soon as we know I will post it. Just keep praying. We are all on Gods schedule. It is just very difficult to wait and to schedule everything else going on!

Collin - Fun at School

We are also still working on the cookbook. With all the kids in school and sports we haven't had as much time to work on it, but are going to start it up again next month.

Landon - K5

Aden - Fall Football '11