Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Haleigh had a fever tonight. Took it once and it was 100.3 the instructions from the hospital said to call with fever over 101.5 so I gave her Tylenol. 2 hours later her fever is 102.1. So I gave her Motrin and called the dr. Because UAB is a teaching hospital the on call resident gets paged. Hear I sit 2 hours later with no return call and a sleeping child who's fever went away with Motrin. I'm telling you if that man calls after I get to sleep he's getting an ear full and no about fever either. If I don't hear anything I'm going to call back in the morning during office hours. I'm actually sure Haleigh is fine she has no symptoms of being sick no couch or runny nose and she's on antibiotics until tomorrow night and the expander looks fine from the outside. A little bruised sure but not swollen and not red so I really think things are fine. However my instructions are to call with fever that high and I am not a doctor therefore I don't know if it could mean more and I am not taking chances with my baby girl.

I really hope she and I get sleep tonight.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Painting For Haleigh.

Look for an update soon on the 3rd annual Painting For Haleigh!!! Details are coming soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Expander Experience

I have been honestly scared of Expanders since I first learned about them. They sound scary and they look scary. I didn't want to do them and I was set to never let Haleigh have an expander ever!! Then I met another mom in person. Yes I am in a great online support group but meeting this mom and seeing her child and hearing her story with the surgeon we were there to see made me feel so much better. Haleigh had been asking to just "take it off" and since the expander is a faster way to do that and since my mind was out at ease we decided to go for it. Our surgery was scheduled for yesterday. This surgery was to simply put in the expander under her non nevus skin. I was a mess all the night before and the drive up was awful because it was full of fear and nervousness. Haleigh slept the whole time so she was good. We had to be at the hospital at 10 so we left at 5am. That was a great choice because about half easy up it started pouring down rain.

We arrived at Children's Hospital in Birmingham Alabama at 945am and got signed in. Everything went smooth and we were back into a preop room by 11am. She had a great nurse who answered all of our questions and was great with Haleigh. He in formed us the child that our surgeon was operating on was suppose to go back at 10 and didn't until 11. Haleigh was scheduled to go back at 1230 so it would probably be 130. I was so disappointed because Haleigh was starving, but to my surprise she never asked to eat she did however ask to drink but we were able to hold her out. Life Child came by with gifts for Haleigh. A little stuffed pig, colors, Dora color pages. And they read her a book about what she was going to do. The clock just kept ticking and Haleigh was really getting scared she had way too much time to think and kept asking if I was leaving and going to go with her in the surgery. I did not lie to her and made sure she knew I would stay with her as long as I could. And that I would be there when she woke up. She cried a little but was ok. Finally around 3pm it was her turn and she was ready to go back. She did so good. There were a few tears but I held it together in front of her.

It only took about an hour an a half before the dr was out talking to us. Everything had went very very well. He said he was keeping her in the hospital mainly because we live 5 hrs away and It was late. I was so happy to hear that she was in recovery and fine. We waited a little longer in the waiting room and when she was somewhat awake they let us wait in our room with her in recovery. She looked so good. Not swollen or bruised at all.

We got into her room around 8pm and we were so tired. Haleigh was a little uncomfortable. So we gave her some pain meds and turned on the amazing tv they have there. On demand Finding Nemo and Tangled is what got us through the night!! She woke up around 2 whining and in pain so more pain meds and then back to sleep. This morning she was all smiles.

This morning the dr came in and said she was doing great. Her heart rate had been up around 2 and since that was when she was in pain they said it was ok. And that if we felt like it we could go home. We were ready. Haleigh was ready so we ate and packed up.

Haleigh did great on the way home and has been playing with her sister and brothers since we got here. She's still sore and she's asked a lot of questions about the expander she rubs where it is just because I think it feels weird to her. She is still not swollen and not bruised.

Her follow up appointment is February 2nd and we will learn to do the fills then. I'm nervous but no longer scared of the expander or the fills. I'm just ready to get this done!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

All Set

We are all set to go to Birmingham on Monday. All the kids are taken care of and my mom will be going with me. The hospital called last night and asked there 101 Health questions and she passed those then the dr office called this morning.

We are to be at children's hospital on the 3 rd floor at 10am. Nothing to eat after midnight and nothing to drink after 6am. I don't think it will be too hard for her she normally won't eat until around 930 any way and we will be in the car then at the hospital so I'm thinking she will be good and destracted. I'm hoping so anyway.

I found her some button up shirts today and a zip up footed pj. They only had 1 in a 5t left, but that's ok. I am really wanting it more to bring her home in since Tuesday morning is suppose to be 32 an the high for the day is 44. It will be warm and I won't have to pull it over her head at all. I have a feeling she's going to get some good use out of it.

I was also given the name and number to the head of surgery at the children's hospital here that can help with fills and if we have any problems. That's great news because that was Jason's biggest fear that something would go wrong and we'd have to hurry to Birmingham in the middle of the night.

I'm nervous but excited and ready all at the same time. Please keep Haleigh in your prayers this week.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Haleigh at Disney

Just some pictures of our trip over thanksgiving.

Still on track

I haven't updated in a while and if your following this blog your probably aware as to why. If not quickly I will say that we had a great loss in our family as Haleigh's newborn brother passed away soon after his birth. You can find all the information on that at joshuahensongreer.blogspot.com

With that said we are still on track for surgery on Monday the 14th and yes that is this coming Monday. I will know the exact time tomorrow and then we will be all set. I've been talking to Haleigh and she is understanding about surgery now that she's 4 she is more aware of what's going on. I can tell she's a little nervously excited. It will be the first time we've done expanders and we are having an over night stay in the hospital. I am nervous as well since its a new surgery and new doctor and new hospital. I know we are in good hands its just mommy worries.