Saturday, July 28, 2012


Haleigh has been having a wonderful sunmer, as has the rest of the family. She loves being outside with her friends and brothers and sister. We of course have been very  careful to apply sunscreen on all the kids. We have spent most of the summer at the ball park watching my oldest daughter Madalyn play softball. Haleigh loves cheering for her big sister. Haleigh is excited to start playing for West Mobile park soon we a tually sign her up next month, i cant wait to see her out there running bases.

Haleigh will be 4 soon and we have thought alot about her schooling, so far we have decided i will home school her through K5. after that we will see where we are with surgeries and where we are living ( ya never know). Then deside where to go with that so we have a good 3 years before we make the choice between continued homeschooling and choosing another christian school for her. we do homever knoww she will not go to public school. We dont feel Haleigh would thrive in public school.

The lastest news on her next surgery, is its soon im not sure exactly when but vwe have chosen to go the slow route and Haleigh has done amazing with it. i will update on that when i have more information myself.