Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Up next ...

This last year has been a calm one compared to the last few. Especially for Haleigh. 

There are a few things I forgot to blog. 

1. Graduation! Haleigh graduated from kindergarten on May 19,20015 

2. Haleigh prayed to revive Christ on June 8,2015 

3. Haleigh has decided she wants to have the Nevus on her nose removed 

I struggle with this because I of course want what's best for her and as her parent I make all her choices for her. So ultimately this is my choice to make. However we have always let her lead these choices and I have faith that she will not regret asking for this later in her life. 

The before appointment 

We had her pre-op appointment todY and there are 3 things stdnding in the way of what she wants done. 
  A. She still has a bit of nevus on her cheek ad her eye is dropped down. We have to remove the spot and bring up her eye first. That will happen the First week of August. Before school starts. 

 B. She has a tan. We apply and reapply sun block to no avail. She has not gotten burned at all she is however tan. We must wait until her tan fades some before we can do this surgery. He said he needs a better natual color line first. So we are thinking Christmas brake. 

3.  There are two ways we can do this. A small expanded placed in her cheek. Or a skin flap brought down from her forehead. That would leave a scar on her forehead. Haleigh doesn't want an expander. However when she's older I think she would want that insead of another scar on her head. Jason and I talked and I am 95% sure we will be going the expander road again. 

Haleigh is have a great summer and I will be updating more often now that there is something to write about.