Monday, April 29, 2013

Painting for Haeigh

Thanks to everyone who came to paint with Haleigh this year. We had such a great time!!

I was so happy to have both of Haeighs grandmothers there and 3 of her 4 aunts.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The next step

The Next Step is actually the last step we made. Insert an expander.

We made a trip up to Birmingham yesterday. We haven't been since they took the expander out. The dr had some personal issues and then I was sick so this was the 3rd appointment and we finally made it up there.

Dr. Grant said Haleigh has healed well and despite the infection he feels the best course of action is still expansion for removal. At first he said we could wait a while and timing was up to us summer or fall. Then he said Summer because Haleigh's face is growing at different rates. One side is actually growing faster than the other. He said that he can fix it but not until the Nevus is removed. So we decided that June 26th would be the date to put the expander in. So removal would be the end of October.

Even with the set back Dr. Grant believes he can get everything done before she starts 1st grade. Lips are still going to be a harder surgery done all by them self. And then evening out everything.

I've been talking to Haleigh about her next bubble and she demands she is put to sleep for all "poky things". Poor baby I hate to see her go through so very much.

Monday, April 22, 2013

On the Rode Again

In about 7 hours we will be headed up to Birmingham again to see what's in store for Haleigh. Suppose to be a pretty day. Maybe we can get by without driving through rain. I will update as soon as I can about what the dr says!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Next Up

Just a small update.

Haleigh is doing very well. She has fully recovered from her infection and two very close together surgeries. She's growing and becoming a big kids. Her next appointment is Tuesday the 23rd. We will be discussing when her next surgery will be and how to go about doing fills. I know I won't agree to do them at home. I'm not sure if the doctor will want to find a dr here or for us to drive to Birmingham every week. I don't think doing the fills at home was what caused the infection but I am not comfortable doing them at all. Especially since I'm on my own with no help holding or detracting her.