Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1 month post op

A month post op and Haleigh is acting her normal self. She still has some healing to do. Stitches are slowly dissolving, she still has some tenderness around her ear and nose. We have started doing some Antibiotic cream twice a day. Her follow up was moved to January 2nd. After that we will see what the next step should be. I think she may need the small surgery for her eye.

1 month post removal surgery. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great family thanksgiving. Everyone gathered together and we shared a great meal. The kids played and the grown ups did too.

There was a Thanksgiving hunt where Madalyn shot her first deer. Collin shot his first a couple weeks ago. This is a big help with eating healthy. 

We shopped the day after. Had a great football win on Saturday. War Eagle. We also put up our Christmas tree on Saturday. 

And Sunday we had over done it and didn't make it to church. That made us all sad. However we had a good day of recovery and everyone will make it to school on Monday morning, on time. I really love having everyone home. I'm sad they have to go to school. 

Haleigh is healing very well and goes back for her follow up on 12/12/13. I've started to put a little antibiotic cream on her because her little scabs are falling off and some are looking a little red. She is not hurting much unless she bumps her face or gets bumped. She is such an amazing strong child.