Friday, November 18, 2011

Blessings & Worries

We took Haleigh to the dermatologist on Tuesday. We saw a PA first because to get a fast appointment that is who our appointment was with. Our new primary care knew and said this would be fine. If the PA ever feels they are out of their element they get the MD. This is what happened.

The PA said she had never seen a facial CMN before so she wanted to get the doctor. I was completely fine with that and was prepared for it. The doctor was really nice, and said while she has not seen many cases of a facial CMN she had seen them. This was no surprise because it's rare, so there aren't many to see.

The doctor was impressed with her surgery and said we had a very skilled plastic surgeon. She was however concerned with one area by her lip that is so much darker than the rest of the nevus and wants a biopsy done. Haleigh would need to be put to sleep for the biopsy, which they do not do there. They recommended us to a plastic surgery center here in town, but said we might be happier with the doctor we already had.

It was time to call Atlanta.

Haliegh with her cousins.
Everyone there is so understanding. I was told they would be able to do the biopsy with her next surgery. Because of the scheduling problems we have been having needing a biopsy is a blessing and a worry all in one. It puts Haleigh surgery from a elective to a need, so schedules will not be as big as a problem. This is a huge blessing, but the fact that she even needs a biopsy is a huge worry for me. We always put sunscreen on her, but the fact remains that her chance of cancer is still greater than mine. That's the part I hate. I will handle everything else, but I don't want handle that not now not ever. But we also know God has a plan and through Him all things are possible.
I should be hearing when her surgery is after Thanksgiving. The dermatologist sent Atlanta a letter along with the picture with the darker spots circled. After Atlanta receives this we will be scheduled.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Haleigh

Haleigh turned 3 years old on the 10th of this month, its hard to believe she is already 3 years old. I know they grow so fast and Haleigh was so small for so long that its nice to see her on the growth chart. My older kids had a fall festival the day of her birthday so we spent the day at the school having a blast. She got a cup cake painted on her face, and the #3 on her head. She was telling everyone how she was 3 and it was her birthday.

We asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said "Santa" so naturally we took her that night to the bass pro shop. We saw Santa and had all the kids picture made with him. Haleigh was a little scared at first, but she was able to tell him that it was her birthday and that she wanted him to bring her a baby, and a baby car seat. We had a great time there making the crafts and playing with the train sets, we then ate there. After you see Santa they give you free kids meal tickets so it was nice to get to go eat there. They brought out a huge brownie with ice cream and we sang Happy Birthday there. We got home around 8 and boy my kids were tired. They went to bed so easy.

We took Haleigh to a new primary care doctor today, I really liked her. She agreed to check into getting us an appointment with the doctor we want to see, well come to find out even with a doctor making the appointment for us, its going to take almost a year to get in over there. The new primary care Doctor did not feel it was a good idea to wait another year, and neither did I. She tried to make us an appointment with the dermatologist that she sends all her patients to, but they were closed because of the holiday, so we will have an appointment on Monday, they did leave a message for the doctor though saying Haleigh needs to be seen ASAP. 

The doctor gave Haleigh some antibiotics because the area on her nevus where Haleigh has scratched looks infected, I have been putting meds on it, but she said since Haleigh's nevus is not normal skin and because of the hair it makes infection easier to get. That along with my concerns with the changes the Nevus has made over the past month made the new doctor very upset that our old doctor would not send us to someone in Mobile, she agreed that the doctors at the children's hospital were good, she also believes that the doctors here will be more than able to treat Haleigh, and if the need ever comes to send us some where else she feels the doctor we are going to see can handle that too. I believe she is right and I am excited to follow her advice.

Haleigh didn't need any shots today, she is in the 22% for weight and the 80% for height. She is healthy other wise and doing all the things a normal 3 year old should be doing. The doctor was excited about her being potty trained fully and not on a bottle. I was shocked when she asked about the bottle!

I will be sure to update after we see this new dermatologist, next week.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Get The Word Out

Spread awareness avout Nevus Outreach


November is the month we all look over our last year and realize how much we have to be thankful for. I am no different in that. 

Christmas 2010
I wish I could remember everyday to be thankful for all that I have, but the reality is I don't. I get annoyed at the house and forget there are those that have no house. I get angry at my kids and forget how blessed I am to have all 5 of them. I get mad at paying the insurance co pays, when there are those that can't afford a doctors visit at all. There are so many more examples to this that I am sure you could add to my list. 

I wonder what world we would live in if everyday we all thought about everything God has given us to be thankful for. I have to say I would like to live in that world. So when December comes don't forget to still & be thankful for all that God has blessed you with, not only in the holiday season but all year long.  

Halloween 2011 "Nemo"
I found a dermatologists that I have researched for a while here in Mobile. She seems like a great doctor and is in with a plastic surgeon, not saying I would change surgeons but they are in Mobile so I called to see about an appointment. They are not taking new patients with out a doctor referral. So I called Haleigh's primary doctor to get one. I have never  had a problem with them before, but this time he said he will not allow us to see another doctor and we need to go back to Birmingham

I was a little taken back. I explained that I can never get in touch with the doctors there and that they never call me back, along with how rude they are. On top of the extra wear and tear on the cars doesn't make since if there is a doctor right here in Mobile. While I respected his choice I am Haleigh 's mom and have the right to decide where we go for treatment. I was told I have the right to take her where ever I want but that he would not help us get in with this other doctor and to go back to Birmingham. I am glad I was just on the phone because I was so so mad. 

I then sat and tried to think of what to do. I will not go back to Birmingham they did not treat us with respect while we were there and I have made calls to them about different worries of mine, those calls have never been returned so I have had to rely on Dr Google for input and that is not fair to me and Haleigh.

So I decided Haleigh needs a new primary care doctor.  

Finding a new doctor is scary to say the least, but I know Haleigh needs to see a dermatologist and I know we can not get the kind of care I want in Birmingham so I called around and researched some doctors. Since Haleigh has a birthday next week we have an appointment for her 3 year check up with a new primary care doctor. 

County Fair 2011 (Haleigh w/ Stormy, Maddie's friend)
I am scared and nervous to take her somewhere new. She has seen the primary care doctor we are leaving since birth, but I know this is right.

I am thankful I live in a county where I have a choice on my daughters health care. I am thankful I have insurance that allows me choices with out questions.