Monday, August 18, 2014

Haleigh started school.

Last week Haleigh had her 1st day of school. 

She is doing so good. She loves school. I think it helps that her 2 best friends are in her class. She hasn't cried once. However she does come home and crash. 

So for some back to school fun here are some selfies Haleigh has taken. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

A family update

Hi all. We are all here. Doing pretty well. 
I wanted to do a family update since it's been a while. 

I will start with Madalyn. 
About a month ago she came home with a stomach bug. Over the next week we all got it. But somehow Maddie stayed sick. She started having headaches and started sleeping all day and night. 2 drs and 2 ER visits left us with more questions than answers and a ton of "normal" test. The 3rd doctor finally diagnosed her with chronic Abdominal migraines. An Episode can last up to 30 days. Hers lasted about 18 days. She's on preventive meds and is catching up on her school work. 

She is playing softball for Saraland High School. Catching and 2nd base. And got her permit so she is driving me around most days. 

She has joined in at church and helps me serve coffee when it's our turn. 
She sure is growing up fast. 

Collin has grown a foot in 2014 alone!  He is a lot taller than I am and tower overs Maddie. He is still playing in the band at Saraland High School. He recently went to State and they received all 1's. From what I understand about band (very very little). 1's are good. I asked if they won and he said no one "wins". But if 1's are the best you can get then they won right?  Yeah I think they won. 

Collin is very active in our church. Helping Jason with parking lot duty and  has a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian and walk with Jesus. 

Aden is doing great at Saraland Elem school. 4th grade is the end of the line there. Next year he will be in Middle school. How did that happen? Where did my 5 pound baby go?  He is very active in baseball at the park and has high hopes of playing for the middle school on a couple years. He is also super excited about kids camp this year. 

Landon is finishing up first grade. He is doing great in school now. School had always been a hassle for him but he has finally found his place and he fits. He has decided he wants to play baseball too. Aden is helping him learn. So in the fall he will start baseball. I think he will be in coach pitch still. But I'm not sure. He has learned to ride his bike with out training-wheels and loves riding around the cul-de-sac. 


Haleigh is healing great from surgery. She has a couple spots I think she pulled on while they were healing. But vitamin E oil is helping a ton in those spots. 

Her hair is getting darling. A side effect of removing the Nevus. 

She will start school this fall. I can't believe we made it to kindergarten. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is she ready?

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow morning I will take Haleigh to school and tell them she will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. I not ready at all to let her go to school. I think she is though. I hope she is.

The school she will be going to is a public school. We live in a small city and have city ran school. This school year was the first year my children attended city schools. We moved this past summer when I was expecting twins. ( read about that at That choice to move was the best choice for our whole family, although we didn't know it and it sure didn't feel like it in the beginning either. My children are thriving like never before in these smaller schools in ways I never imagined. I have high hopes that it will be the same for Haleigh. She already has friends from Church that will be attending the same school in the same grade as well as a cousin.

She is excited, I am scared!!