Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is she ready?

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow morning I will take Haleigh to school and tell them she will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. I not ready at all to let her go to school. I think she is though. I hope she is.

The school she will be going to is a public school. We live in a small city and have city ran school. This school year was the first year my children attended city schools. We moved this past summer when I was expecting twins. ( read about that at That choice to move was the best choice for our whole family, although we didn't know it and it sure didn't feel like it in the beginning either. My children are thriving like never before in these smaller schools in ways I never imagined. I have high hopes that it will be the same for Haleigh. She already has friends from Church that will be attending the same school in the same grade as well as a cousin.

She is excited, I am scared!!