Friday, December 30, 2011

Photos From Atlanta Trip 2011

Haleigh ready for her pre-op appointment

Haleigh with her gift from the hospital
Dinner in Atlanta

Creating her masterpiece

building blocks

Fishing with Dad

Milking the cow next to the banana slide

Haleigh's 2nd surgery

Haleigh had her second surgery on 12-29-201.

Haleigh did very well through her surgery. This one like the last took about two hours, I really love the staff at the surgery center, they are all so nice. I realize that is part of their job of taking care of us, but they seem like they really care about us. I feel like we are receiving top care. And of course our amazing Dr.C who is top career.

One thing that stands out for me about the center is they do not take your child from you crying. There is no pain involved in the before care. I carried Haleigh to the OR and held her as the nurse explained to Haleigh how she was going to blow in the mask and breath in.  Haleigh was not scared and went to sleep holding my hand. They started the IV after she was asleep and i was in recovery. Everyone has their own recovery waiting room where they bring in your child after surgery. You child never knows your not with them, its perfect.

Haleigh's surgery was at 730, she was in recovery with us us at 10. We left the hospital around 12. Haleigh slept a lot and  has needed some pain management, but was eating and playing between naps.

We could not have hoped for this to go any better

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year 

Gearing Up For Atlanta

With Christmas just days away, I find myself getting ready for two major days in out lives.

Christmas day comes first and I am excited that it does, because that means Haleigh will get to enjoy her new toys from Santa before surgery. She is so excited seeing the lights on the tree and the houses as we ride by. She misses nothing!

The second comes on the 29th with her second surgery. We will head to Atlanta on the 28th, she will have surgery on the 29th and we will return home the 30th. We thought about staying the week but since gas as fallen in price these past few weeks we feel it would cheaper to come home. We will return to Atlanta the following week for stitch removal and stay one night. 

We again got our surgery hotel night donated to us. I am so blessed that so many are helping us help Haleigh, many that have never met us! I hope everyone involved knows how thankful we truly are. 

Haleigh baking Chocolate Chip Cookies for Santa

We had Haleigh's pre op appointment last Friday. Our new primary doctor felt we should get a CBC even though Atlanta didn't require one. I agreed that it wouldn't hurt anything. I am glad we did it was found Haleigh was anemic. Her iron is 10.8  normal is between 11 and 14. We started her on iron supplements and it will not keep her from surgery. Surgery number has to be 10.5  and above. So we are all set there as long as she's on the supplemental iron her level will not fall. Everything else with her check up went awesome. Our new primary care is wonderful.

Please pray as we travel as well as for the surgeries and stitch removal to go smoothly. And as always that Haleigh will be peaceful and that any nerves will be calmed. Again that you all so much for everything you do and the prayers that have been lifted for us!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Education and Awareness

Some things get a lot of attention, that brings awareness and public education on medical conditions, you would otherwise never know about.

Think about it, no one really knew what autism was unless you had a kid with it until Jenny Mc carthy (I hope I got her name right) wrote a book about it and went on tv shows. She stood up used her voice and spoke.

Its time we stand up!

Early Christmas Present

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!
We got an early Christmas Present!  Haleigh's surgery has been scheduled in Atlanta for December 29th, not sure on a time yet.

They have not received the letter from the dermatologist here in town, but there may be a reason why, I didn't realize the office in Atlanta moved so I believe they sent it to the wrong address. I did however call the dermatologist office and give them the new address, the girl sounded confused at best. I tried to call back but they were closed for the holiday . My plan is to now go by there Monday and be sure they have the right address and get a copy of what they sent to take with me. 

I will also be making Haleigh an appointment with her primary care doctor to get clearance for surgery soon. That is really just to make sure no health problems that could interfere with surgery. I do not see any reason that should be a problem. I will take her the first week of December because exam can not be more than 30 days old. Will update you soon.