Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another surgery in the bag

Haleigh had surgery in Birmingham in the 26th of June. She did so good.

The hospital is really great gave her lots I things to do, while we waited. I was so tired. We had to be there at 730am so we left home at 230am. Haleigh slept all be the last 30 minutes there. She colored while we waited. They came to get her at 11 and I walked with her to the bubble wall. The bubble wall is where you say goodbye. Haleigh gave me a kiss and said "bye mama, I'm going to sleep see you after I wake up" smiles and was gone. It was the first time she's gone with out tears. I wanted to cry so bad, I'm sad that surgery is normal and that in her little life being put to sleep after being rolled into a room full of strangers is ok. On the other hand I'm glad she wasn't scared.

Dr Grant said things went really well. She had a lot of scar tissue from where the expander was before so he cleaned that up and couldn't put the expander exactly where it was before. Her port is not behind her ear it's in her cheek. But I think it's going to go better this time, it looks better and less painful. We all have very high hopes.

Haleigh was given Morphine as soon as she was out if surgery, that was the only time she needed anything other that Motrin. She slept that night from 10pm until 7am without waking up for pain meds. She got some Motrin at 730, showered, ate and was ready to go home. We left the hospital at 10. Traffics was really bad and we didn't get home until 4:30. Yes 6 and a half hours. It should have taken 4.

At home she has only needed Motrin for pain. She has slept a lot, and isn't eating wonderfully but is doing great. We go back for post op and our first fill in 3 weeks.