Monday, April 16, 2012


I just wanted to share a picture of Haleigh at Easter.

Painting for Haleigh Fundraiser


Haleigh Being 3

Haleigh being sassy
Hi everyone its been a few months and Haleigh is doing wonderfully. She is completely healed from her surgery back in December and in another few months we will be headed to her 3rd surgery, but for now she's just being 3.

A little about Haleigh at 3.

She is very smart, she used new big words all of the time words I am not sure I've said around her. Last week she used the words, intolerable, appropriate, delightful, beautiful, and manageable. She sounds grown.

Another example of her being exceptionally smart... both Madalyn and Collin have been learning the skeletal system and proper bone names, she has remembered the names for her finger/toes, head, jaw, knees, and elbows. And that's just from hearing me quiz the older kids.. I'm not sure how in going to keep up with her but I'm getting some homeschooling preschool book this week.
Haleigh & her Aunt Heather
She loves hair bows, and expects one in her hair everyday. She loves dresses and hates to wear shorts/pants now that its warm. She loves to play outside and swinging is her favorite thing to do outside. Her favorite fruit is strawberries and cutie oranges. She loves roasted corn and broccoli.

Haleigh can tell you about her nevus if you ask her, but she never brings it up. But if you ask her she will tell you its her birthmark, that she was born with it. You have to ask but she will tell you it doesn't hurt, but sometimes is itchy, and that we put cream on before we go outside and we rub it at night. The cream is sunscreen the rub is vitamin E oil.

I look at Haleigh and can't believe how much she has grown she's such a big girl.

I hope everyone is having a blessed spring and I will update soon with travel and summer surgery plans.