Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Good

Haleigh is looking good, the swelling from surgery is gone, the stitches, tape and glue have been removed and she is looking like Haleigh again. That's one of the hardest things for me post surgery, just the fact that she doesn't look like herself for a while. It's at that time that I second guess myself. Am I doing what's right? I sit and look at her and wonder. Then I talk with my nevus family and realize every parent that has chosen removal feels this way after surgery. And I also find that the parents that chose to not remove also have these thoughts. And the truth is we as patents have to make hard choices, for our children. From the moment they are born. We make the best choices we can with the information that we have.

Haleighs next surgery will be bigger, instead of advancing the nevus we will do a skin graft on her top lip. This requires a hospital stay of 3 days and an Atlanta stay of 7-10 days. This also means she will be less herself for longer. So its going to be hard. We just pray that God will give us the means to handle what coming. The strength to hold our daughter up when she needs us. And the Grace to do it without falling apart.

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