Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh Spring Time

Spring is in full swing here in Alabama. We didn't have much of a Winter meaning it didn't take much to heat things up in the deep south. It's fine with us. We live spring and summer.

The kids had spring break 2 weeks ago and we took them to the Gulf and went camping. My older children have been camping many times but this was a first for Haleigh. She absolutely loved it. She was a little scared when it got dark and we were still outside. But once I explained we were sleeping in the tent she was ready to sleep, she had no problems sleeping out side, and that's great because we plan on doing that a lot. The best part of the beach according to Haleigh is the sand, she loves building and squashing the sand castles we made.

Spring also means end of the school year. This year my children's last day is May 31st, it seems so late, but they had extra days at Thanksgiving and MardiGras this year. I'm very excited to see this school year end. I have not had the best experience this year. We are hoping since they will be in new schools next year things will be better, Collin is headed to middle school with Madalyn. And since our move Aden and Landon will be in a different school, hopefully Aden will be challenged to a point he's no longer board, and Landon will start to like going. Haleigh is still too young to go, but I know she's so smart. I don't want her to loose any thing she's learning now.

None of my other children had a want to learn the way that Haleigh does, so I've decided to start a homeschooling program with her in the Fall. She will still be considered 3k because her birthday is in November. The program I like best right now is ABC Jesus Loves Me. It's a Christian based preschool program for kids 2-4. I'm excited to start it in the Fall with her. I'm not sure how long I will home school Haleigh for, I know in July she will start dance at Turning Point dance studio, and in Feb 2013 she will start T-ball at west mobile county park.

That's always been our goal for Haleigh to have all the choices in life our other children have regardless of her Nevus or surgeries. Haleigh is a normal child and will have a normal childhood.

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  1. loved reading that! family camping and beaching are so much fun! i love squishing the sand too! haleigh already has a normal life cause 1. she has you and you are the absolute best mommy and 2. cause she is normal! love to you, your hubby and yalls five wonderful children! <3