Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Child in Heaven

It's happened again. A Family has lost their child. A child that had the Same skin condition that Haleigh has. Sadly the child developed melanoma and died of cancer. I'm so sadden by this and can't help but to think of Haleigh.

I think I'm doing things right. We use sun screen made from Zinc Oxide and apply it everyday. Even in the winter her face has sunscreen on it and she smells of summer days. It's become her natural sent I believe. I can't keep her from the sum. I can't cover her face its always exposed to the elements. And there is nothing I can so about it.

I've always been on the line about removal and I know more than ever that I'm doing it right by removing but I wish it wasn't taking so long. I wish I could have made the first expander go better. Instead we start over. We go again and try to do what's best for her. To make choices for her that we hope if she understood she would make for herself.

So tonight I pray for the family that lot their child. And I hold my closer and pray that I don't loose her for the same reason.

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