Sunday, September 26, 2010


There is a Foundation that has acepted Haleigh into their surgial program. The only problem is the foundtion is new and in need of funds. They are in Atlanta and are working hard to raise money just for Haleigh's surgeries. The Doctors name is John Connors M.D. and if you like you can check out his facebook page. 

He understands why this is so important to me and for Haleigh. 

They are having a fashion show in Ga. soon as a fund raiser and my sister Heather Montz and my friend Jennifer Holt have some great plans for some fund raisers here in Mobile. I hope when we announce what they are everyone will want to come, its going to be lots of fun!!

This is a much longer road than I ever thought it would be, but by the grace of God we will make it to the end!! 

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