Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Appointment

Ok i am on my phone wanting to let everyone know what the dr said. 

My computer is acting crazy so this is not going to be about the trip much just the appointment. I do have to say Haleigh was a really good baby the whole 19 hours we were in the van. 

Ok so the hospital is really nice and so is every one there. You have to be checked in even for just an appointment you get an arm band. Since it was our first appointment we had to be seem by a whole slew of doctors. 

But the one we went for.... Plastics he was a really nice guy and the only problem is he wants Haleigh to be older. Between 5 and 6 to do the surgery. He said by then she'll be bothered by it and want it removed. 

No one gets it no one understands why i want this done now and not later. I do not want her to realize she is not the same as every other child. I want this over before it gets to that point and no one gets that. I can not understand why they don't get it. But they don't and i can not make them so....... They want us to come back every 6 months. 

So That they can watch for growth and cancer. But they want to wait for surgery until she is 5. They also want to do the surgery in a way I have never heard before for this surgery, they want to do skin grafts, I am not sure I want it done that way either, I guess I have some research to do on that!

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