Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Haleigh and her Mom, Crystal
Haleigh had a genetics appointment today, its been a year since we have seen him. They showed me a picture they took at her last appointment and I was surprised at how much of a baby she looked then and how much of a big girl she looks now. I also realized how much her nevus has grow in a year, last year it was not on her nose or chin and this year its half way across her nose and 1/4 of the way across her chin. That's pretty fast growth no matter who you ask.

She is also growing in other ways, Haleigh weighed in at 23 pounds 6 ounces and is 2 feet 9 inches tall, her head is 42 cm around. When we 1st went to him Haleigh was 7 months old and all of about 11 pounds, so for them to see her doing so well made them smile.

They asked me all kinds of questions, like they always do. They want to be sure she is having no major health problems that have come up in the past year. The only this that has changed is her Asthma, and since we are not seeing an asthma doctor, they call it mild. I told them how she was talking, walking, running every where, and how good of an eater and sleeper she is. Everything I told them was normal for a 2 year old. They asked what if any concerns I had for her and the only one is her nevus.

Dr. M, said told me that  if Jason and I were to have 20 more kids none of them would be at any more risk for the birth defect Haleigh has than any other child, that this is just something that happens and its not my fought and its not Jason's fought. My grand kids have no greater risk of the birth defect either. He has told me this before, but its so good to hear someone say "you did not do this". No matter how hard a mother tries anytime anything ever happens to her kids, even if she was not there when it happened, she feels it's her fought. I have thoughts, What could have have eaten, what could I have avoided, did y throwing up my prenatal do it? Every thought ends with it being my fought!

I got some other news that I really did not and still am unsure of what to do with it. I asked Dr. M, what his advice was and he had no problems giving it. So here is the news, there is this doctor is B'ham, he somehow found out about Haleigh and the trouble we were having with finding a plastic surgeon in Alabama that we could get a referral to see. With out contacting me first, they contacted Haleigh's primary doctor and told them they thought they needed to see her and got them to give a referral, the surgeon's office then contacted me with an appointment date and time. I was very taken back, because I know nothing about this doctor and have never contacted them. I do not even know if I want them to do surgery on my child. I do not know if I trust them. It seems to me or at least feels like they went behind my back at 1st, but maybe they were just trying to help, I really do not know.

So, Dr.M, asked today about our plans for removal and I told him about Dr. Connors and then about Dr. Grant in B'ham. What he said makes since, He told me there is no reason not to go meet the doctor in B'ham. He did say that the way they got Haleigh's referral was not the way it should have been done, and that he has a feeling he wants Haleigh's case because it will bring him in more kids like Haleigh and with that means more money for him. While we do  not know for sure, he also said to not be surprised if they ask to take a lot of pictures, have a bunch of students come in and look at her and want to publish a study. Of course I can say no and they can not do any of it. And nothing will be done with out my OK. He said if it was him he would take his daughter and see what his intent is. He also said that what Dr. Connors is doing sounds great, and we should continue to help him in any way we can, not only for Haleigh, but for other children that will be in her shoes in the future. He also said if there was anything he could do for us to let him know. I wish he could be our primary doctor, he's so great and just sits and listens and then talks to you like a parent, like a person. He explains everything to you and makes sure you leave understanding everything he has said!

He also talked to me about 2 ways they surgery could be done, he did say he was not a plastic surgeon though and for the most up to date information there is that plastics would be able to give me that information. He advised me to go to B'ham armed with information and ask questions I already know it answers to, just to see what the top of his head answer will be, if he needs a computer or a book to answer me, then don't trust him.

So I guess I am going to take Haleigh to B'ham at the end of December to talk with this doctor and see what his intent was on getting Haleigh in to see him.

Maybe this is the way God is leading us, maybe God just wants me to visit B'ham for another reason, maybe it's to see what not to do. I am not sure, what I am sure of though is no matter what I have 2 great doctors behind me no matter what!

We go back to see him in a year, unless we need something I can call at anytime!

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