Monday, November 1, 2010


It seems that there has been way too much time between blog post on Haleigh, so I have decided to make it easier on everyone, and update once a week. The best day to check for anything new will be Tuesdays.

Haleigh is doing well, during the fall and spring months her asthma gets worse and she has had to have extra meds for it in the past month. Once the cool air sets in and her lungs get use to it we'll be able to cut back again. She takes her breathing treatments really well. She use to fight me for the whole 5 minutes it take to complete a treatment, and if you have ever sat with a kicking screaming child for a whole 5 minutes you know that is an extremely long time. She will not sit still for 3-4 mins and gets ants in her pants for the other 1-2 mins. Not too bad.

Haleigh is growing really well too, I am not sure of her weight this week, but she goes to see her doctor on the 12th for her 2 year check up. She eats all of her meals no instead of drinking mostly formula, although she still does get her formula, she'll only take about 16 ounces a day. Her next GI appointment is December 16th, 2010. I hope when we go to that appointment he approves whole milk for her. She's been eating milk and soy with no problems for 4-6 months now and eats cereal with milk in the mornings, so I do not see the need for the formula in her diet any more.

At her 2 year check up I am going to talk to her regular doctor about her Nevus. They have told me a few times  that Nevi are not painful and she can not feel it, but I am not sure they are right. Haleigh has sensitive touch I am guessing you would call it. From the day she was born, she has been more sensitive to things touching her. Her blankets had to be softer or she would cry, her diaper could not be too loose or too tight, her clothes, her socks, her shoes, everything had to be just right. She would only take one kind of bottle and you had to hold it just the right way. I  know for an older child you would call that spoiled, I guess Haleigh came here a High needs baby, or spoiled whatever you would like to call it, she's always been that way. So she has started to rub her face and say OUCH! She rubs the inside of her cheek and said ouch, I believe a 2 year old can not make up pain. Just because someone else with a nevus like Haleigh's does not have any pain, does not mean that Haleigh does not feel what ever she is feeling as pain. I have never seen another baby have to have socks on, or have their diaper changed with in 30 sec. of being dirty even if in the car or boy you were in for it!  I doubt her doctor will know what to do with the information, he always tells me to call the Dermatology. and they always tell me she's fine, the only reason I tell him is because if you tell them they have to chart it, and I want it charted that I have at every appointment been concerned about it.

We have been working with Emergence Gifts raising funds for Haleigh's surgery, I wanna thank all the people dropping their change off in our bucket at the ball park. It really adds up fast, in the past few weeks we have raised about 100$.

I have some other news that I am hoping helps with a lot of the funding. On January 1st, 2011 We will have, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anthem, through Jason's job. If the Children's Hospital of Atlanta takes the insurance, and the insurance will agree to pay for the surgery, it will cut the cost of Haleigh's surgery by about 80%!! That is a huge cut, of course there are a lot of ifs with that, but it's worth a shot and I think if they will see the nevus as a birth defect and not a cosmetic enhancement then they should have no reason not to pay for it.

I feel as if we are getting to our goal of being done with it all by the time she is 5 years old. So she can go to school and not have the other kids point and stair. That has always been our goal, to help her live her life as normal as every other child!

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