Monday, November 30, 2015

CT Results

Today was my day off. (And just incase you didn't know, days off are a lie!) I missed a call from Dr.E (our ENT), while I was at Dr.T (our ped) office with Landon, getting his check up. (All good!) I called back and waited hours of course, finally the nurse calls back when I was almost taking a nap. Sigh. So. CT results. Haleigh has Congenital abnormalities in her Cochlear and Auditory nerves, in both ears. This happens around 6 weeks gestation. Since she has the Abnormalities in both ears there is no clear answer as to why she lost hearing in one ear and not the other. Studies show that she shouldn't lose hearing in the other ear. However if she did she will be the exact child the cochlear implants were made for. And she would qualify for that surgery. Right now with her hearing at 100% from her left ear, implants is not something we are comfortable with. We see the Audiologist the 14th and hearing devices should help tremendously. 

I try thinking back about my pregnancy with her. Something happened at 6 weeks. So many things that are just a tad off that form and "happen" at 6-8 weeks and I wonder if the early losses we've had were caused by these and othe Abnormalities. If we had not already seen the geneticist I would want to. But he ran 2 fun genetic panels on her and found nothing. Just the physical markers of over two dozen different syndromes. I definitely don't need answers. She may though one day. She may wanna know why everything fell on her, and I don't have one simple thing to tell her. Except thy God doesn't make mistakes and these abnormalities, are human ways of defining Godly creation. 

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  1. She is beautiful. So strange how things work out - equal anomalies but different presentation. I am so glad the hearing loss is only in one ear.