Monday, November 23, 2015

Ears and Eyes Oh My!

Ears- We are all signed up with Alabama Childrens Rehabilitation Services. (ACRS)  The letters from her others doctors took the longest. Once they had those, the social worker called, I went in Thursay and the paper work took an hour. I met with the case worker, and audiologist. Both very nice ladies. The Audiologist will be doing some test on Haleigh the 14th of December. Apparently there are differ t types of hearing test and while she has had three test, they were all the same type. The type she will be giving showed how Haleighs brain resoponds to different sounds, when exposed to one ear, then the other, then both. I also learned that Dr. E (Our ENT) runs the hearing clinic. She sees all the children's who come to the Mobile Clinic and will see Haleigh every 3-6 months. She will also over see all of her care. You have no idea how much that eases me. I am so thankful we already have a good relationship with her. I haven't heard anything back about her CT yet. But it is the Holiday week, there may not even be anyone in the office. 

Eyes - When we saw Dr.J and then went down stairs to order Haleighs glasses, I was less thrilled with their attitudes. The ladies were less than nice, and less than helpful. However I knew our insurance went there, so I decided to let Haleigh pick something from there. I was very in the "one stop shop" mindset. We we checked out we were told it would be a week tops. This past Thursday It had been a week so I called. They now say, the lab that we have to use because of insurance is backed up and it will be another 4 weeks on top of the one it had already been. I was about in tears. So, I went to Walmart and asked them how long it would take o get they a pair from there. Answer... 3 business days. I got Haleigh out of school at 230, took her to Walmart and ordered her a 9$ set of frames with her lenses. (26$). I just prayed they would be in before thanksgiving. Sunday afternoon during my nap, i got a phone call (and I was so mad! lol), it was Walmart, Haleigh's glasses were ready. Excited we went and got them. And they look amazing. Shr wears them without us making her. She said she can see better without us even asking her. She is still asking about the "other glasses" and we hope to have them soon. But until then..... 

oh My....- look at that sweet girl!! 

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