Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's All Free

at the ball park watching her big sis play
I called the Shriner Hospital today to see how I go about setting up a hotel and transportation. The lady I talked to was very nice and made my reservation for me through the hospital. She said that the rate for the room was 40$ a night. Not bad for a room on the beach. She then asked who my sponsor was. I didn't have a clue so she gave me the number to the Abba Temple here in Mobile and told me to call them.

I called the temple and When the lady answered the phone I told her my name and she said "Haleigh's mom?" I didn't answer right a way then "umm.. Yes" came out.

She put me on hold and then transferred me to my Local care person. Up to this point I didn't know I ad a local anything I thought anything I needed I would be calling TX. Come to find out, that while everything is yes done there, all my services are done through the Abba Temple.

I was asked if we had ever been there and when I said no, he told me how great the beach was and about this place we must eat at. I didn't feel as if I was trying to set any free services up at all, he talked to me like I was a friend.

He told me the best thing to do was ride in a the Shriners Van to Tx. They could come pick us up, but I told them I live so close I would come there. The only reason I did that is so they can not get here early and me not be ready! =0)!!

He said both Jason and I could go the 1st time, but after that only one of us could go in the van and only one of us would be covered under the shriners, and of course Haleigh would always be covered.

I then asked him, how much money he thought I would need for food and drinks for the trip. He said NONE, do not bring your bank card, do not bring all your cash, everything from food to gas from drinks to the hotel is covered. Everything is 100% free.

I about fell out! I had no idea they would pay for everything for all 3 of us. We will of course take our card because you never know what can happen, but to know that it's all free made me feel a little better about going.

The Van will take us everywhere we need to go while there. I was told the hotel has a nice pool and is on the beach. He said it will be like a vacation except for one little appointment thrown in there!

He asked what we were going for, I told him that Haleigh was born with a birthmark on her face. He said a "nevus"? I said yes. He then told me the story of his grand daughter, She had one on her face too and he knew things only someone who has been there done that would know. The shriners did her surgery and that is why he is a shriner. I am not sure if the Hospital gave our case to him because of that. Or If God gave him our case because of that, but I am happy I have someone who understands why we are going to the lengths that we are going to over this.

So we leave September 19th, at 8am. it take about 8 hours to get there, but he said it might take longer if we have to stop longer with Haleigh. Thank- God he understands that too! Our appointment is on September 20th at 11am. We will leave to come home September 21st at 8am. That is our plan for now.

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