Monday, October 4, 2010

Haleigh is sick

Haleigh got up yesterday morning, after not sleeping much, with a runny nose. Yesterday afternoon she started to run fever and coughing. Last night a gave her a warm bath and some Advil and put her to bed, an hour later Jason went into her room to check on her and she was on the floor with her pillow and blanket. She has learned to climb out of her baby bed! She was also so stuffed up and coughing, so I took her out in the night air while Jason sat up her breathing treatment, as she was wheezing too. That was at 10:30 pm, we were then up at 1am for a treatment and meds, 5:30 for treatment and meds. and because Landon had another appointment today my mom gave her one at 10:30am. She woke up on her own coughing and wheezing. So we had to cancel her GI appointment that was to see if we could take her off her formula, the next appointment we could get was for December 16th, yes December 16th, but at least its of this year! She has an appointment in about an hour, I wanted them to listen to her, but I am not sure there is any thing else they can give her, She's already on the breathing treatments. I guess I just want to be sure there is nothing in her lungs and that her ears are clear.

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