Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time & Other Updates

Haleigh is loving the lights and the tree. When we ride down the road she is always saying "mama mama look look lights!" Its so exciting to see your children so excited about Christmas lights.

We have taken Haleigh to see Santa a few times. The first time was before Thanksgiving, we were just at the mall and didn't expect to see Santa, but he was there and all the kids wanted to talk to him. Haleigh sat in the stroller and did not cry, she took her book he gave her and waved good bye to him. This made me think, we needed to have Santa pictures made, because they would be really good since she was not scared. So the week after thanksgiving we took them to the bass pro shop to have Santa pictures made. Haleigh would not get down, would not talk to him, would not wave! We got their free offer picture of none of the kids looking and Madalyn holding an upset Haleigh. Then we went to a family Christmas party, Santa showed up and as soon as he walked in the door, Haleigh starts screaming like someone was hurting her, it was crazy, but by the time he was going she had waved a few times. This past weekend we went to the Shriners Christmas party for kids they have helped this year. They sent me a invite in the mail in October, we RSVP in November. They fed us lunch and had a DJ playing Christmas songs and other children's songs. Haleigh no plays Head, Sholders, Knees, and Toes all day long! The Shriners are so so nice. The bought Haleigh a gift, a peek a boo baby, she loves it. I think that is going to be it in Santa visits, although Haleigh was not scared at all at the Shriners party.

Other news, Haleigh is off her formula, she is on whole milk! We are so excited, we go to the GI on the 16th of December and can not wait to tell him she is doing so well on whole milk.

We are traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to see plastics at UAB on December 28th to see what they have to say! They were willing to do the surgery but seemed to have cocerns about her size. I am still trying to decide what to do.

Haliegh playing in the waiting room at UAB Children's South

I want to again thank all the people who have given money to Haleigh, please know it is all going to her. Some will be used to get her to her appointments, because if we can't get her there what's the point of having all the medical covered?

Haleigh is doing good with her Asthma too, we now have her on the right meds it believe to help her get through the winters. She weighed in the other day a 24 pounds and 8 ounces, and even though her iron level is a little low at 10.6 she is healthy, there is nothing better than hearing the doctors say she's healthy!

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