Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Haleigh's kidney test came back normal. She had blood work, a renal ultrasound, and a VCUG. She did really good for  a 2 year old. Although the VCUG upset me more than her, I hate seeing my baby cry.

The reason for the worrie was because she had the infection for a while, it looked a lot worse than it really was. Haleigh can not tell me, "hey mom it hurts when I pee", all she said was pee....pee....pee, So we were thinking it was because she watned to potty. And now that I know what it was there was other signs too...but again I related them to potty training. It was not until she was crying in pain that I knew something was wrong. I know now though what to look for and will be on the out look for any new problem!

Thank you to every one who said a prayer for us.

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