Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hospital follow up

I took Haleigh to the doctor yesterday, to get her primary care doctor's take on the test and stuff that went on with the hospital last weekend. Her doctor has always bee very supportive and helping me make choices in Haleigh's care, so I hold his opinion high. He said he does not think Haleigh had a seizure at all, he believes it was the medicine they put in her IV to make her sleep.

Now at the hospital they told me they had not given her anything before her episode, her medical records say the episode started less then 15 seconds after the needle went into the IV and before all the medicine was in. And that it lasted 14 seconds. He said if she had a seizure the EEG would have showed what part of the brain the seizures was in. The EEG was normal, he told us to take comfort in that, and the fact that Haleigh is back to normal, she didn't go with out oxygen for 14 seconds or we would know it.

Haleigh's throat is still red, but no scratches and no tears, that was also great news. We don't need a follow up with ENT.

He said he was impressed I took her to the hospital so quickly, as I hate emergency rooms and the way they are over used for things that can be taken care of in the office, such as ear infections and low grade fevers in other wise healthy children, he was glad I did because it was truly a life threatening event. That made me proud as a mom who knew what to do and did it right and scared that my child had a life threatening event at 2 years old.

Other good news was that we should not worry about her other surgeries in Atlanta, the medicine that she reacted to us a quick acting, short lasting medicine and is not used for long surgeries, for that they use gas. I knew they used gas but I was not sure if the other medicine played a role somewhere in other surgeries, so I just have to inform others of this reaction.

Her blood pressure was perfect at the doctors office and it was high due to the at least on her body from everything from choking to surgery and the reaction, it all together took its toll.

I just hope we don't have to ever do anything like that ever again.

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