Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Medical Stuff

Children born with CMN are suppose to see a dermatologist from what I read at the least every year. Haleigh has not seen one in a while, the one we saw was 3 hours from here in Birmingham and she was not so nice, we decided not to go back as she brushed off all our concerns and never answered our questions.

All the information I have gotten has came from plastic surgeons that we have seen, her pediatrician, and the Internet that mainly being and the Nevus Network. And of course other parents with children like Haleigh along with adults who have the same skin condition as Haleigh.

When I took Haleigh to the Dr about her asthma on Monday, he asked if we had been back to the dermatologist, because he has not gotten a report from her in a while. I told him the truth, that we had not went back and would not take her back there. He suggested since we had better insurance than we did before and could go with out a reference from him to call around and make an appointment. I am not sure why we really need to go. We are not going for test I guess its just a check up with them. She has an appointment for Tuesday or next week.

While we are talking medical, I talked to Dr C last night and E mailed him some pictures of Haleigh's eye. The corner of her eye where it meets the bridge of her nose, the skin there looks puckered, so with Dr.C's recommendation we started some Bio Oil tonight. She really hated it because I have to massage it in, but she will get use to it, I just wish she didn't have to. We also have to use more sunscreen. We have been using it, but I didn't realize she needed it even if we were just going for a car ride and she would not be out in the sun, but from the house to the car, UV rays still go through the tented windows. I never really thought of that. We know now though and are doing a better job with that too.

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