Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Ready To Sale

I took Haleigh to the church today to get ready for her yard sale. I needed to help sort through some stuff and I was hoping it would be ok to take her and her not pull everything off the tables. Being 2 she tends to get into stuff she is not suppose to. She did great though, she played with the toys some and played with some shoes, but she didn't do anything that could not be fixed in a few short minutes.

We have a lot of good stuff to sale and some of my church family has already come to help and shop, kind of a peek of helping the days before the sale. I took all of Haleigh's left over formula and have it for sale and if there is someone who can actually use it I will wind up giving it all to them, I have so much of it and it can't be used by just any baby so I can't just give it to a food bank. Any way come out and support haleigh!

Airport Blvd. Baptist Church, Mobile Alabama!

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