Thursday, August 5, 2010


I mailed the application to Emergernce Surgical Gifts today. That was the 3rd one I have filled out and sent in.

They all ask the same questions, Haleighs name, date of birth, when the problem started, if it was there at birth, the parents information, your income and if you have any insurance.

I am guessing while this is free, if you have insurance that will cover even 1% of the treatment or surgeries then they will bill the insureance.

The other two asked for pictures of Haleigh so I send the same ones with this package even though they didn't ask for one. I am hoping them already having them might make things go a little faster.

Our insurance will actually cover her surgery 100%, if we could find a Doctor in Alabama to do the surgery and accept alabama Medicaid, there inlies the problem, the doctors we have seen in alabama are either not willing to do the surgery or want to put it off until she is 10-13 years old.

I donot agree with that at all.

The doctor we saw in Florida that was going to do the surgery for $100 each does not take medicaid, but the surgery center does and so does the hospital. They are in florida though so we would have to have florida medicaid. We have thought about moving to florida and we will if we can not get the surgery done by a foundation. I hate to think of what moving my whole family there would do, and I hate to think of what me and Haleigh going by ourselves would do to us also.

We have an appointment with the Derm. who we have already seen once, told us to wait, on October 6th. I am hoping that by explaining how the Nevus has grown and how Haleigh messes with it and how I believe it bothers her, that she might send us to the Plastic Surgery center there to have it removed.

I do not have much faith in that though.

All I can do is pray.
Pray someone is getting all these applications and pray that someone is getting them to the review boards.
Pray that someone approves us and Haleigh gets into a program sooner rather than later.

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