Friday, August 6, 2010

Growing or Just now Showing??

When Haleigh was born her birthmark was smaller than it is now, since she has grown the nevus has seemed to grow with her although it has not spread to other parts of her body or face, until now.

Now the nevus has either grown, spread or is just now showing below her lip and on some of her chin, I took her to the doctor and they can not tell me if the bad tissue has already been there and is just now coming through to be able to see it, or if the nevus is actually growing.

I am not sure What I am hoping for growth can mean cancer, but if its always been there sitting under her skin then who knows how big her nevus really is.

It could be larger than any of us are thinking about and might make surgery more complcated. No matter how complcated the surgery is it should have already been started. If it's growing then I am going to be so mad that I didn't get on the ball trying to find help sooner.

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