Friday, August 13, 2010

Good news today

I got a phone call today that gave me so much hope and faith that I cried and then laughed. The call came from Emergence Surgical Gifts, Dr. Connor's called me himself. I was in shocked to get his call today it was about 4pm. This is what he said.

He got our application and Haleigh is the kind of children he wants to help. Haleigh is the 1st application he has gotten to remove a nevus. He has removed them before as he has worked as a facial plastic surgon for years. BUT the foundation has never done one. His foundation is very new, and since Haleigh will be needing more than one surgery he wants to get her set up with one hospital in Alanta. Most likly Childrens Hospital Alanta. That way we will know that all of her surergies will be done at that one hospital with the same team of nurses and doctors. Dr. Connors will do all of the surgeries himself.

I didn't know what to say to him, I told him that we have been trying to get Help since Haleigh was 6 months old and I told him thank you. I also asked if there was anything else He needed from me.

To my surprise he said yes.

When I mailed him our application, I wrote him a letter, saying how much we wanted Haleigh to have a normal life and how this surgery was the only way for that to happen.

He said he has never had a letter written like that to him and it was very moving to hear how a mom felt. He wants to use Haleigh's pictures and the letter to help him get grants and fundraise for the foundation.

I am excited about this too, Haleigh is going to help other children by helping this foundation get funding and getting their name out there. I am e-mailing him pictures and sending a release and pictures through the mail next week.

He did tell me it was going to take time to get her team together and I would have to trust him, and have faith in him. To let him do surgery on my daughters face I am going to have to have that in him so I need to start that now. How much time? I do not know he said a couple of months, he said he can not wait to meet me and Haleigh and how honored he is to be the one to help her.

We got into a program!!!! We got into a program!!!
Haleigh is going to have what every other child has..... A childhood!!

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