Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is the hardest thing I believe I have ever had to wait on, news.

News of any kind really.

I want to know if these foundations have got my applications, I want to know when they will review them and decide on helping Haleigh or not. I guess I also want a bunch of answers.

I thought about it today and realized it has not even been a month since I sent off the apps. I started looking for help the 14th of July, I mailed off the first 2 the 20th of July and here it is only the 11th of Aug. and I was thinking it was taking so so long, but really it has not even been a month.

I know that the shriners hospital got my application because I got a letter saying they did. I mailed the one to Fresh Start the same day, so I can not see why they would have not recived theirs also.

I guess they do not send out letters or e-mails when they get them though. I have a phone number for them and I am thinking of calling to see how long it takes to hear back from them.

I do not want to be treated any diffrent from others who need the help though, I just want what is fair for my daughter. Surgery is what is fair for her. Being born with the Nevus was unfair enough for her, but not getting any help removing it is beond unfair for a child.

We can not help the way she was born and you know if it was just me I would not remove it. She is perfect the way she is. I do not love her any less nor to I treat her and diffrent than I do her Sister and Brothers. We do not single her out and will never do that.

The problem is everyone else, All the strangers and people who do not know what the birthmark is. When grown people ask what happened to her, or if she fell, or if she got burned. I understand a kid they do not know any better, but to ask, but a grown person should keep their mouth shut!

I was asked one day by a growup what she had gotten into because her face was "dirty" I said nothing, that is her birthmark. They man actually blinked his eyes and turned away. I understand he just didn't know what to say but a simple. Oh OK would have been better than that.

I have also been asked by a grownup, "whats wrong with her face" I was really mad at that question, because nothing is "wrong" with my daughters face she was not born "wrong" she was born just the way she was ment to be born, we are ment to walk this road.

We might not understand why we were choosen to be Haleighs parents, but we were and now we have to step up and be resposable.

I told that grown up. "nothing what is wrong with your face." Now yes I could have been nicer, but so could they. They have to know we realize she has something on her face. I hate the questions. I have a hard time dealing with more than one or two a day and that is when I get snapy.

How would Haleigh be able to handle all the questions if she were to have to go to school with the nevus? Whould the kids ask her everyday about it? Or would they be scared of her and not play with her at all not talk to her at all? Or would they just be mean and pick on her all day everyday? These are more questions I need answered that have to wait.

Man I really hate to wait!!

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