Monday, October 14, 2013

Back on Track

We made the trip to Birmingham last Thursday and after massaging the expander and tilting her head just so we were able to get 30cc in. I was so excited that we didn't have to have surgery.

The first try the dr did was just like at home.... Nothing. So I am not crazy it was/is not exactly right. Our options were  to go in and see the line and port to see if It was kinked or blocked with scar tissue or keep trying. We tried again after the dr massaged the expander and he had her tilt her head over and it went in. I have a lot of Hope that this weeks at home fill will go smoothly. 

With the 30cc we got in at the office we are at 210cc total.  Our goal is 350ish. We will set up surgery date when we get to 300. I hope to be able to get in 30 a week still. But her expander is bigger now and it stays tighter for longer so we may not be able to get 30 in every week. But our personal goal is to have surgery in about 6 weeks. That puts us at thanksgiving. I'm ok with that. I want her good by Christmas. 

Haleigh is doing really well. Learning and playing. She's so smart and is wanting to start "real school" next fall. I pray I make the right choice when it comes to her starting school. When and where.

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