Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Better... Lost


Haleigh is feeling better, we probably will not be doing a filling on Thursday, she needs to be completely well for that and still has a cough. I don't think I will need to wait another full week though. I am thinking by Saturday or Sunday she should be well enough to have a fill done.

We are taking our family to the fair on Sunday afternoon, its suppose to be a beautiful day. We were going tomorrow night, but I think it will be better for Haleigh not to be out on the windy mid-way at night. Got to keep that girl well!


I'm thinking maybe my message to the surgery scheduler got lost somewhere. I was told she should call me by today and well she didn't. I am going to give her a couple days I mean maybe she is trying to get us in so we are not there Thanksgiving Day. I would rather not be there that day. I really do want to know when its going to be though. I am a planner and I cant plan without a date.

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