Monday, February 21, 2011

2 weeks

In 2 weeks we will be in Atlanta. I am so excitedly scared! I think for the first surgery that is completely normal. I am sure 2 weeks from today when its the night before surgery my stomach will be in knots, I can only hope that after the 1st time things will be easier because I will know what's coming. I hate that she might know what's coming, I hope she will not fear going into surgery, that she will understand that everything is going to be OK.

I talked to the surgery center last week and they were very nice. I had to answer a health questions about Haleigh, they asked a lot of questions too! But I know its just to be careful and when it comes to babies you can not be too careful. I was also told that Haleigh can bring her stuffed animal and blanket with her into surgery, and that either Jason or I can go back with her and stay with her until she is asleep. That made me full better knowing I do not have to leave her crying. Once surgery is over we can both go back to recovery to see her and stay with her until we leave. They were nice and made sure I understood everything and have me a phone number to call if I thought of any questions.

On another note, I have also been asked if the local TV news channel can interview us. They are doing a story on the foundation and want to do a piece on Haleigh! Talk about getting the word out! I am sure the story will be out on the Internet and I will be able to post a link. Jason is not sure he want to do it, he for air does not want to talk on camera, speaking is not the easiest thing for me either, but I think I can do it, it will help other moms that may be sitting at home and not know where to turn someone who might not search for hours on end on the Internet hunting information. It will also help the foundation with funds, people will see Haleigh on TV and donate to them, that is awesome! I think Jason can just hold Haleigh while I talk, we'll see.

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