Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a Week

A week from today we will be in Atlanta. Our trip will take about 6 hours and our pre op appointment is Monday at 1 and we check in to our hotel at 3. Its 8am now so we will already be on the road this time next week.

I have so much that I need to get done, I have to make the kids schedules out for my mom, although its going to be easy on her because the kids are actually out of school until that Thursday because of mardi gras. I am sure they will still have ball practice though and when you have 3 that have ball in 3 different spots it takes some doings to be sure everyone is where they need to be. I know my mom will do a great job though.

Our being busy does not end when we get back though, I have been worried what I was going to do about my oldest Madalyn having her opening day at the ball park on March 12th, Haleigh will still have her stitches and it will not even be a week since surgery, I really didn't want her out there all day, one because I worry about her hurting herself falling down on her face as she has done countless times out there, two getting dirt in her stitches or something else, you can not take a child to the ball park and expect them not to be covered in dirt head to toes when you leave. Three I worry she's just not going to feel like herself still and be cranky all day, so to fix all of these problems I decided to either find someone to watch her or stay home myself. My sister Heather has offered to watch her for the day so that I can enjoy Madalyn's games that day. So a huge thank you to her!

On another note gas prices have went up so so much in the past week that its going to cost is a little more than we were hoping to make these trips, and it looks as if its just going to get worse. So thank you to everyone who has helped us raise money for this trip, and everyone praying for us. I will be updating with pictures on facebook as we make our journey next week. I will make one big post here when we get back, but from my phone facebook is just easier.

I have a lot of cleaning and deciding what to take and getting everything around the house organized for my mom to do in the next few days too. I guess I better get started with that!

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