Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Birmingham Trip

I realize this blog entry is late I want to ensure you the reason for its lateness is my anger not forgetfulness.

The doctor in Birmingham is a plastic surgery specialist, he has 2 offices the one we went to us at Children's South in Birmingham. It is a specialist center so one day thee is plastics in there the next day may be GI. So calling them for an answer to question falls on who ever is there that day. I never know if my message ever got to the right person, I think its crazy!

So back up a bit, we were contacted by Dr Grant's office through a foundation we applied for. Haleigh was turned down by that foundation because we were too poor, yes you read that right, we had alabama medical and you can not have that or qualify for it to recive service through them, although if your really poor and live in Mexico there is no problem they are more than happy to help you then, guess we are just poor Americans!

Any way they have all our information to Dr grant because he takes state medical. His office called me got the paper work and set an appointment, that appointment was December 28th,2010. We road up and came home in one day, using the money we raised at the ball park to go on and it was a compleate waste!

The Dr had the bed side manner of a stale piece of bread, he told me he would do the surgeries if I wanted him to but it made no differance to him if we did it now or later. He said we should talk with the dermatologist who had told us a year before to do nothing until she was 10, because some of it would have to be done with light therapy and he didn't do that.

I want to stop here and say that the dr he was talking about was no help to us and jason refused to let Haleigh go see them ever again. He then said we would have to see if they made a ballon small enough to fit her face, he was not sure if they did because he had never worked on someone so small. Just to make things real clear, he has maybe not on a face that small but he has done work on smaller children. Any way they needed to look in a book to see, remember when I went to the gentic doctor back in november we were told if there was any looking in books to run fast lol.

So that was it we left with no contact information for questions, no next appointment just the fact that once they looked the the book they would call me.

I have yet to revive a call from them, I called once, it was not his day in clinic so I don't know if they got my message or not.

How long exactly does it take this Dr and his staff to look at a book? Must be one big book!

Shortly after that appointment when I was actually thinking of going with this Dr just to get things started, because I suck at waiting, Dr C called with the news we were approved in Atlanta! God knew I was struggling with what was best, I prayed he would show me the path and he did.

The path was not to Birmingham!

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