Saturday, February 5, 2011

Becoming Independent

Today Haleigh has decided to become more independent. Some things I have always done for her or with her she has decided she wants to do her self. Some of it she can some she doesn't understand why she can't.

I have always showered with Haleigh. When she was a newborn it was just easier for me to sit her in her seat take a shower then grab her and bathe her too. If I took a bath she went in at the same time and was bathed first. When i tried to bathe her in her tin she would cry and I would be soaked any way so it just made since. Now she has bathed by herself in the big tub, but she always asks me to get in and I have had very few showers alone in the past 2 years. This morning Haleigh told me to get out of her bath! She would not move from under the water at all. I guess she wants it all to her self. I am not sure she will ever really like a bath but showers she loves!

After the bath I fixed her lunch and she got her cup and juice and poured it all by herself, then poured me some! That was so cute, but I can not let her do that when the juice if full and she didn't understand that.
She also wanted me later to go away while she was on the potty, another thing I can not just leave her in the bathroom she is only 2!

Part of this I know is me, I was teaching my older kids to be more independent at her she because I was fixing to add in a newborn and needed the to do things for them self. With Haleigh I am in no hurry for her to do these things with out me, what will I do when she can do it all on her own?

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