Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Sickness

Haleigh has been slightly sick this week, Sunday afternoon she woke up from her nap with crusty eyes. Actually it was just one eye, but by Monday morning it was both eyes. Took her to see the doctor Monday morning, and both eyes were infected, all eye infections are called pink eye, so we got her eye drops, thank goodness for insurance they would have been 90$, and she is now getting better.

I hate doing the drops. She hates them and the way she cries before, during, and after us so heart braking, but I do it any way because I know she needs them, they are helping, she is getting better. Her eyes are not red any more and they are not crusty any more either. She has to have the drops until Monday.

I hate any of my kids getting sick, but I have to set I like them having something you can give a little something to them and make them better vs. The we don't know what is wrong sick for 2 weeks before getting better sicknesses! Those I really hate!

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