Monday, February 14, 2011

Love for Haleigh

Yesterday after church service we had a lunch in the fellowship hall for Haleigh. We have been planning this for about 6 weeks and my sister posted it on facebook so we could invite family and friends, the Sunday before it was out in the flyer at church along with a sign up sheet. So the word was out about our latest fundraiser, then Tuesday I got a call from the church office. I thought they were just asking about the family I has signed up on Sunday, and they did ask since I just wrote it on the back of my sign up sheet! Then I was told something completely unexpected. I was told we were out of seats for her lunch! I didn't really know what to say except for "wow"! I was taken back at how fast they sold out! 140 seats in 2 days! Of course this also ment that some people were left out, but we are going to plan another one soon and remember to sign up early!

So many people have so much Love for Haleigh!

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