Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Day

Its our last day before heading to Atlanta, everything is going as planned, except it is cold and windy this morning so I did not want to get Haleigh out into it, so we are missing church. I am going tonight Jason will be home he can watch Haleigh. I hate her not going though she loves going and she asks about her friends there when we miss, if she knows we are going to church she will cry if I leave her home, so let's hope the wind dies down.

I pretty much have everything ready to go. I didn't want today to be stressful washing clothes and packing so I have been doing it all week, and now I really just need to go grocery shopping for the kids so they can eat while we are gone and so my mom doesn't have to shop with them, and get our personal soaps and shampoo and tooth brushes in our bag in the morning and we are all set.

I am also going to vacuum the truck again and fill up on gas when I go get groceries, no way do I wanna have to stop at 530 in the morning to get gas.

We are stopping in evergreen in the morning to get Jason's mom, she has taken off work and decided to go with us, so we have another support in Atlanta with us. Jason's sister is driving her to the gas station in evergreen to meet us, and even though that is only 100 miles from here I will probably go ahead and fill up again since we we already be stopped, and getting gas that way will make it less painful to fill up, since gas is 345 a gallon! I did estimate gas to be 3.50 a gallon when I budgeted the trip, but I never thought it would be that much, I did it to give us a buffer zone, that zone is now very small. But we did get 2 nights hotel free so its all going to even its self out! And who knows maybe the price of gas will drop while we are there (hey we can all dream).

Haleigh knows something is up, we have been telling her we are going on a trip, and I have let her help me pack her bag, she is too young to know what surgery is though, so I feel like I can not prepare her for anything, that is about to happen. She does not mind the doctor though so I have said we are going to see the Dr she said 'tell Dr hello' its very cute. Landon my 4 year old is the only one of the older kids that doesn't understand why he can not go. He wants to take a special trip too he said, I told him they we're going to do surgery and explained what that was, he then told Haleigh the Dr is going to cut you, she told him to hush and I cut you lol, she then pushed him down. But Landon is not happy about is packing our bags and leaving him at all!

Well, I better get dressed and head to the store, Jason is getting off half a day so I can do this alone, before Aden's practice at 3 this afternoon, yes they practice on Sundays!

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