Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News from Atlanta

I got a message from Atlanta today, I want to clarify that when I say Atlanta that is in general anyone that has anything to do with Haleigh's care in Atlanta, there are more than one groupe of people helping up there so I just call them all Atlanta.

So back to my message, I have to take haleigh to see her pediatrician tomorrow to get a letter from him saying that she is healthy enough to have surgery and be out under, lucky for us she is! So I know we have no problems there. All the other stuff will be done when we get to Atlanta Monday.

Emergence Gifts the foundation that is covering all Haleigh's surgery needs is also taking care of our parking at the hotel they got donated to us. Parking is 26 bucks a day! That is really expensive just to park your car! The hotel is Also trying to get our food covered, that was a huge surprise to me, I am hoping that if we get no other meals we will get dinner the night of her surgery that way jason does not have to leave and go get is food. But if not it will b
They are also excited about the interview with the news, its a big hope of ours that this interview will help get the word out about Emergeence and will boost their donations and in turn they will be able to help more childen like Haleigh, am excited to do this interview, but also nervous, because I tend to cry at the beginning of telling haleigh's story to new people, but I told them to just edit that out.

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