Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Power of Prayer

How many times have you said oh I will be praying for you and then never do? I know I have in the past and I now feel bad about it, I never said it as a lie, as I had every intention on praying,but I would forget because praying was not something I did very often, mainly only when I was at church or when I wanted\ needed something from God. The past few months though having being in church 3 times a week and learning how to pray and why its important, I realize all the times I should have prayed and didn't. I do now pray for others more than myself, and while I do not shy away from asking for prayers, I do realize how somethings are more important than others. And its not all about me!

Haleigh and her Prayer Quilt

My church has been amazing with prayers for my family, and tonight I got a gift for Haleigh that made my heart full, a lady named Ms. Barbara who has a grandson in the nursery with Haleigh made her a prayer blanket and have it to me tonight.

I was picking up Haleigh from the nursery and didn't get a chance to look in the bag until she was out the door already, so I waited until I got home. Its so cute I love it. I posted pictures on my facebook of it with Haleigh and I have plans on a thank you card for her.

She prayed for Haleigh while making the blanket, then after it was done she held it and prayed for Haleigh. We are taking it to Atlanta with us and since she can take a blanket to the O.R. With her that will be the one. I am going to make sure she know just how much this blanket means to me. I can't think of a greater gift than the gift of prayer.

I believe in the power of prayer, I have faith that God gave Haleigh to me because he knew I was strong enough to get her the help she needs and to not back down, he knew I would follow the path he has laid before Haleigh, and I believe I am walking the path he carved for me. I have faith God lead me to the doctors in Atlanta, and that he will be guiding her surgery. I have no doubts in what we are doing is right and no doubts that its all going to go good and be amazing!

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