Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween and an Update

Haleigh had a great Halloween. She was Bat Girl. She was so excited, First we went to our church fall festival, then we went trick or treating. Every house She said "Trick or Treat and Thank you" So very cute. I was really glad she was feeling better. I have had sick kids on Halloween and kids who have been in the hospital even on Halloween, its not good, they miss a lot of fun, I am really glad that she was well enough to go out, and enjoy the events. She got lots of great treats, that are being handed out one by one slowly. 


We did a 25cc fill last night. The skin and expander felt tight at that amount so we stopped there, even though the water was flowing in nicely still. I kept asking her if she was feeling any pain and she said no. About an hour later she said her bubble hurt. I felt of it, No fever in it, not red, just tight. So I gave her some Advil and she watched The Little Mermaid and went to sleep. Around 3 she woke me up and told me her bubble hurt really bad so I gave her some more Advil and put her in the bed with me, 430am she was tossing and turning so I woke her and she said her bubble still hurts and started to cry. That is the hardest thing about this whole process, you as a parent know you are doing what it right for you child, however you also know that its hard on them, you know that what you are doing is causing them physical pain, and that's hard. But hey no one said being a parent was easy. We make have to make hard choices for our children everyday. So I gave her some Rx pain meds and with in 30 minutes she relaxed and was sleeping. She slept until 11am. Ate and I went ahead and gave her some Advil, she seems to be doing ok this afternoon. playing on her games, running around outside and even fighting with her brothers. All very normal Saturday events.

 I am debating on how much to fill next week. We only have 3 fills left. So do I fill as much as I have been and just give her Rx pain meds that night, or do I fill and expand less. We have a goal of 350ish and we are at 310. Only 40cc more to go before goal, and we can "overfill" if we get to that point. Some parents actually fill twice a week in the end, and we could do that, doing less of course. We would do 10-15cc on Thursday and then again on Monday. Its an option. maybe that would keep her from having any pain or discomfort. Its just so hard to know what right is.

I am excited to be done with this expander. I know I keep saying that, but its only because I really am. And Haleigh is so ready to have her bubble out. Just ask her, she will tell you, she's ready.

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