Thursday, February 14, 2013

From bad to Worst

Today was the day. We talked to Haleigh last night and this morning about her fill today. She was scared but ok. Then came the "magic cream" ( that nubs) and she cried. Then came the gloves and she fell apart. So we decided to wait until she was asleep and do it.

She falls asleep, I put on the cream and wait. I get everything ready and as I go to start she wakes up. We hold her down and she cried so hard. It was so bad much worse than last week at the dr office. Haleigh was screaming, Jason was yelling at me to hurry up and I was trying and crying so I only got in 20cc. Better than no fill at all I guess, but tomorrow I will be calling the head of surgery at children's hospital to see if his office will help with fills. If not we will go to Birmingham every week. Jason refuses to have them done at home every again. Home is a safe place. Not a place to be scared. :-(

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