Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today Haleigh woke up and her expander looked red. I ran Madalyn to her softball practice and then came home to check Haleigh out. Took a picture and posted it on my support group page and everyone thought it looked infected. I called the doctor in Birmingham and he said we had 2 options. One we could drive there now and be put on Iv antibiotics until Monday when her surgeon would be back in. The coving doctor would only be there for a surgical emergency. Or we could start oral antibiotics at home and call back Monday. If she Is better Monday we will probably be seen by Friday any way. If she is not better we will be seen on Tuesday. If she develops a fever of 101.5 or higher we will need to head on to Birmingham for Iv antibiotics. I decided to try the oral antibiotics at home first.

This is so had. Haleigh feels bad. And as her mom I just want to make her feel better and I know she will be more comfortable at home than in the hospital. And then there is the drive there and back. I hate to even think about the money. And really I would spend every dime I have to make sure she gets everything she needs. But it's still stressful. I need to chill out and just think
about right now today and a day of toy story movies and Peter Pan. Let God take care if tomorrow and focus on my baby.

It's so hard!!

Please pray for Haleigh.

The first picture is from Thursday the 2nd one is this morning.

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