Sunday, February 17, 2013

Updating 02-17-13

Today has been much of the same. Haleigh is very whiny she wants me to sit with her, but unlike yesterday, today I must get some things done. I have stopped and just held her so its taking me 3 times as long as normal to do things. But I am getting things ready.

Haleigh woke up with a slightly elevated temp this morning 99.9 and complaints of pain. So I gave her Motrin. I'm scared the pain meds are maybe hiding a fever, but I can't just let her be in pain.

I know she needs to be seen and probably Iv antibiotics. So we will be heading to Birmingham this week. I needed to get the house in order and all the clothes clean. The other kids need to have their uniforms all together and cleaned so I've been working on that today. I don't know how long she will need to be there buy looking at the pictures I know it will be an overnight stay.

I put together these pictures
The first is from Thursday, the second is yesterday and the third is today's.


  1. I want to explain the bandaid is because she wants it there it has nothing to do with infection. She thinks it helps.

  2. My prayers are with you and Haleigh! Let me know if I can help you out any.