Monday, January 31, 2011


I have not always felt blessed in my life, but looking back I know I should have. Its hard though when your in the moment to think of somethings as a blessing for example having premature babies, or Jason being out of work for 2 years. I didn't see them as blessings, but now I am able to handle rough medical problems with out freaking out, and I am also able to understand doctor talk with all their big words.

So having 2 premature babies has given me the blessing of medical understanding. Jason not having a job, that was rough how could anything good come out of that, well I got to have my husband home a lot as we had a new baby I needed his help, he saw how much I needed him and started helping more with everything, we also learned to live off a lot less. So being unemployed brought the blessing of a more understanding husband and father. Those are some pretty great blessings!

Having Haleigh has been a blessing from the moment I found myself expecting, all my kids are blessings sent straight from heaven from God to me. We have been blessed to have our family, our church, and our friends.

We have been given so much help, God has provided for us diapers when we had one left and no money, formula when Haleigh needed the most expensive kind ever made. Gas money when we didn't know how we were going to get her to her 5 doctors appointments that week.

Today God blessed is providing a FREE hotel room in Atlanta, for our first trip for the first 2 nights! The hotel is donating the room to Haleigh. This is so so exciting for us, while we still need to raise money because we do not know about other trips and such, these two nights at this hotel comes to about 500 dollars!

This is not a hotel we would have stayed at because of price, it is a very upscale hotel and you better believe we will be taking pictures while swimming in the indoor pool! I am not sure how I will thank them, I have cards and such for everyone that is helping, and that really doesn't show how very thankful we are to everyone, but its what I can do. How do you thank someone or really a company for this? My thought is maybe writing them a thank you note, not sure where i would send it though.

This is just another blessing God has sent to us to help us through our travels with Haleigh. He will never lead down the wrong path, or open the door that you should not go through. God is opening all the doors and windows for us!

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