Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fund Raising

I sure everyone knows we have been raising money for Haleigh's surgeries. Well last week we were approved through Atlanta children's fund. The only thing we now need money for is travel expenses. And while that is wonderful its still a lot of money, and when it comes down to it if you do not have the money to get to the surgery site what good is free surgery?

So the ball park last fall let us out out a bucket to donations and the was a big help. Although some of that money went to our useless trip to Birmingham last month.

My sister talked to her Sunday school class and they gave to Haleigh, they have never met her, but knows she is a child of God and needs their help.

This Sunday I am speaking to my church to see if we can come up with some fund raising we can do as a church.

On Saturday the 22nd of January we are having a paint party, you will pay 40 dollars to learn how to paint a picture that you will then take home with you!Not a bad deal. This money will be used to get Haleigh to Atlanta.
The plan is:

To drive up there and have an appointment on a Monday stay in a hotel that night she will have surgery Tuesday morning she'll be able to go to hotel with us sometime that day, not sure how long she'll stay in the hospital but not over night. The next day she'll have a follow up appointment and then we'll come home either that night or the next morning depending on how she is doing. We will then go back a week later for stitch removal and stay one night in a hotel. We will repeat this every 3 to 6 months until her nevus is complete gone. That is a lot in hotel stays and a lot of on the go eating that is not cheap.

Thank you to everyone who has already given those that can't but are praying for us, and those that will attend a fund raising of any kind! You will never know how much you helping us! Your changing a life for the better I hope that makes you smile!

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