Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staying Well

It has come to my attention that Haleigh has been doing very good this winter with her asthma that is mild and only comes up with colds anyway and with just staying well altogether. I need to keep her that way for surgery if she gets sick her doctor will not clear her for surgery and then the trip to Atlanta will be off.

Another mom with a child that is having surgeries like Haleigh posted a blog to let every one know to be extra careful with her daughter. And she is right. EVERYONE MUST WASH THEIR HANDS!

Do not get mad if you have a get together or party and Haleigh is not there, I am not going to put her on lock down the way I did last year, but I think its important not to have her around sick people so if I ask if you have been sick do not lie to me please! I don't want you or anyone else to be the reason surgery was delayed.

I understand I can not keep her from every germ and that is not what we are doing. I am just limiting the amount of time she is exposed . We are all starting extra vitamins with extra C in them and I have a lot of OJ in the fridge.

So Haleigh will still be at church, but not wal mart. Time to get out the Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer like were fresh out of the NICU!

Remember the days after Aden and Landon came home, not as bad as that but close to it. And remember its just for a month, our surgery day is fast approaching. And after surgery we can, take her out for at least a week so I think we are good there!

I really hope everyone understands as I know you all love Haleigh and do understand that this is for her!

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